Color Guard Going Strong

Sarim Bhaidani, Editor

Due to COVID-19, football season band as well as winter guard have been challenging but that isn’t stopping them.

According to Brenna Reece, the winter guard team practices every Tuesday and Thursday from four to seven. This schedule started with the ending of winter break and the start of the second semester.

“I guess I just joined because I had some friends in it and it ended up being fun,” Reece said. “I’ll also be getting my fine art and PE credits over the course of the two years that I plan on doing it.”

Most of the guard also see these as the main reason they joined guard.

Color guard is actually more challenging than one might think.

“Throwing around a six-foot metal pole can get pretty dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing,” sophomore Taylor Thornton said. “I’ve gotten two minor concussions since I started guard as a freshman.”

The guard members tend to like winter guard more since there are less practices as opposed to marching season guard. During marching band, practices are every day from three to around six p.m. Though they are still not fond of practices till seven or a little after during winter guard.

Most of the guard right now are freshman with a select few sophomores. Though they do plan to stay in guard so with incoming freshman next year as well the already existing members, the Clear Lake High School Color Guard has potential to be a strong and sturdy team.