SIlento Arrested For Murder

Hannah Wilson, Reporter

Rapper Ricky Hawk, also known by his stage name Silento, was arrested on Jan for the murder of his 34-year-old cousin Fredrick Rooks.

Hawk is in police custody. He is being held at DeKalb County Jail in Atlanta, Georgia. Detectives says they have not found a motive.

Hawk has had two other charges against him for domestic violence and another for entering a home with hatchet and threating the family living there, and another in which he was driving 143mph on a highway. When he was arrested for speeding, he claimed he was being chased because, he’s “not a normal person.”

Hawk has some mental health issues he has been dealing with.

“Over the past several years, Ricky has been suffering immensely from a series of mental health illnesses,” Hawk’s publicist Chanel Hudson said.

In his interview with the show “The Doctors” he opened about his mental issues, saying He was never diagnosed. With the success of “Watch Me,” he found fame overnight, but he said that high did not last long.

Detectives say that they saw on a neighbor’s security camera a gunshot being fired, They also say there were several cars leaving the scene. When police arrived, Rooks was found dead in the road with one gunshot to the face and another to his leg.

There have not been any updates about the case.

ABC 7 Chicago