Bellerophon The Fire Planet

Bellerophon, also known as 51 Pegasi was recently found by astronomers. This sun-like planet is approximately 50 light years from its brother planet Pegasus, which its also in the constellation of Pegasus.

This planet is an exoplanet, which is a planet that orbits outside of the solar system. So, when astronomers detected light off of it they were excited because it can give them clues about gasses that can be present in the planet’s atmosphere. With further research, they could look for signs of life and if that planet is habitable.

Bellerophon orbits a single star, which many find to be extremely unique. The name comes from a Greek hero Bellerophon who tamed Pegasus, also known as the Winged Horse.

This was the first planet to be discovered that orbited a star like our sun.

“The star in question is 51 Pegasi, which is located some 50.9 light years away from us. The Pegasus constellation is located in the northern sky, in the vicinity of the Andromeda constellation and the zodiac constellations of Aquarius and Pisces,” According to

Since Bellerophon is so unfamiliar and unique, astronomers believe that this planet was created by radioactive stripping of a brown dwarf, which indicates that this planet is actually remains of a substellar star.

Bellerophon’s atmosphere is too close to the solar surface for it to produce any rain, but that doesn’t stop Bellerophon from producing its own type of rain.

Scientists believe that this planet has the perfect setting for iron vapor. On this planet they have liquid iron falls, so if you were to ever visit you would need a sturdy umbrella. They say that just a few raindrops of that liquid iron would weigh over a pound.