Kicking Towards Victory

Alex Fabian Garcia, Reporter

The boys soccer team began practicing in December and have had 14 games so far.

Richard Delgado, Sophomore, thinks the season is going well.

“It’s going pretty well, we could’ve definitely done better but is going well,” Delgado said.

Miguel Coc Cao, Sophomore, started playing soccer because his brothers encouraged him to.

“My brothers encouraged me to play, and I like it,” Coc Cao said.

When he was younger, Delgado was interested in soccer.

“When I was younger I was just kinda interested in the sport, I was trying new things before being sure,” Delgado said. “Then I got older, now in high school I just wanted to join so I could play with the boys.”

Delgado has been playing soccer for about 8 years.

“I started playing soccer when I was 7 years old,” Delgado said.

Delgado thinks Clear Springs is his biggest competitor.

“School-wise, [our biggest competitor] is probably Clear Springs,” Delgado said.

Advice Coc Cao would give is don’t give up and give it your all.

“Don’t give up and If you want to play, you have to give it your all in every training,” Coc Cao said.

Delgado’s advice would be to practice every day.

“Practice every day, practice outside the school, the training sessions, don’t stop,” Delgado said.

Coc Cao says he would like to continue playing soccer until college.

Delgado wants to be one of the best defenders of his team.

“To be one of the best defenders,” Delgado said.

Coc Cao wants to be a professional soccer player in the future.

With some challenges along the way, the boys soccer will be sure kicking for the victory.