Helping a Fellow Falcon

Alex Fabian Garcia, Reporter

Falcon Friends is a student organization formed to help fellow falcons in need. It is ran by our student support counselors, Annette Propp and Natalie Ligons. It started in 2017.

“Falcon Friends is a student led group at Clear Lake High School who work together to help Students in need,” Propp said.

In 2017, a student came forward expressing their concern for certain classmates, and the idea for the organization was born.

“The program started in 2017 when a student at the time grew concerned about the amount of students who may be struggling with basic need items (I.e. healthy meals, clean clothing, toiletries, school supplies) – and, as a result, doing poorly at school,” Propp said.

Falcon Friends has had fundraisers for clothes, canned goods, and healthy snacks.

“FF’s has had fundraisers for canned goods, coats and jackets, belts, and healthy snacks. After Harvey, FF’s helped organize all donations that were sent to the school,” Propp said. “At the Holidays, they promoted a gift card collection to help students with groceries, gas and other needed items.”

“Snack Bags” is one way this program has helped students.

“This program has helped students by making ‘snack bags’ available for those students in need who don’t arrive to school on time for breakfasts and who are not able to bring lunches,” Propp said. “FF has also been able to help students with toiletries who are not able to afford them. Jackets and belts are items commonly needed too. School supplies are also provided.”

Due to covid, there is a growing the need for certain families who have lost jobs as a result of business closures and downsizing and are unable to afford products they could previously afford.

“COVID has affected the program by creating more of a need for some families who lost jobs due to shut-downs or stores closing/downsizing have not been able to afford items they used to be able to afford,” Propp said. “When the school learns about these needs, FF’s tries to help by providing the basic items like school supplies, bikes, food, clothing and toiletries.”

Ligons would like to see their reach expand to increase the number of students/families they help each year.

“I would like to see our reach grow wider so that the amount of students/families that we help each year expands, one way I think we can do that is to expand on our program at the junior high level,” Ligons said. “The only issue of course is time, there is never enough of it in the day.”

Ligons enjoys volunteering at food parties and doing community programs.

“Volunteering at food pantries and community programs are things that I like to do, I am sad to say that I have not done that since the pandemic hit,” Ligons said. “However, I am eager to get back into it once we are able to get back to our new normal. The connections you make with fellow volunteers and those that you are helping is valuable.”

Ligons enjoys that the program was established by falcons and students initiate events every year.

“What I value most about the program is that it was founded by Falcons and the events/drives that we do each year are always student-initiated,” Ligons said. “Mrs. Propp and I are really just the facilitators that help Falcon Friends get their ideas of serving their community off the ground.”

Ligons thinks they’re fortunate to have the support of their leaders at lake.

“We are so fortunate to have the support of our leaders here at Lake, and the community really shows up in a big way to allow us to help our fellow Falcons in need,” Ligons said. “Since the pandemic we were not able to recruit as many new members as we wanted, but since we are hanging in there this school year, I am confident that we will be able to add to our numbers. Our process of interviewing will probably have to be virtual, but we will make is work!”

We thank our counselors for their hard work and support in these hard times.