Houston Crime Spike

Hannah Wilson, Reporter

Crime in Houston has spiked in 2021. In the past two months, there has already been over 40 homicides.

Mayor Sylvester Turner and Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo says everyone is helping to slow homicide rates.

Five of those homicides were teenagers due to gun violence. On Wednesday, Feb. 10 there was a non-fatal shootout involving seven people, three of them were teen victims.

In early 2020, The Houston police department stopped arresting people who committed low-level crimes such as shoplifting, trespassing, or assault to keep the jails emptier due to COVID-19.

According to The Texan, some believe the cause of crime rates rising is the Covid pandemic.

Many have had a struggle in this pandemic with losing their jobs and not being able to stay in a home because they have no money. They have become easier targets for burglary and other crimes.

Today Mayor Turner and Houston Police Chief Acevedo ask the public to get involved in helping the HPD solve cases.

“I know there is some hesitancy providing this information, but the very information you give can help someone else,” Turner said.

March 1 there was a shooting in a medical facility on Richmond Avenue. A 67-year-old man open fire and shot his wife then proceeded to shoot himself after.

The women had many gunshot wounds to her chest and arm. She is in stable condition and officials say she will be able to make a recovery.


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