Fabulous Falcon Flairs

Alex Fabian Garcia, Reporter

The Falcon Flairs is Lake’s drill team. They dance at half time at the football games during football season and have had many contests performing pom, lyrical, and jazz dances since December.

“We been preparing all of our team dances and our officer dances and solos, duet and extra dances as well,” Alexis Fletcher, senior and Flairs captain said.

Caroline Olson, sophomore, joined flairs because she knew people that have been on it and like it.

“I knew a lot of people that have been on flairs and have loved it!” Olson said.

Fletcher always knew she wanted to grow up to be a flair.

“I’ve been going to the dance clinic since I was little, and I always wanted to be on flairs,” Fletcher said.

Competition season tends to be more difficult than football season.

“Our dances are a lot harder and more work during competition season,” Olson said. “We also tend to get very competitive during competition season while football season is more fun!”

The Flairs prepares by having their directors give them critiques.

“Our directors sit out and they watch us and give us critiques, and sometimes the officers, we pull out,” Fletcher said. “We also choreograph poms, so we took time to do that.”

Olson prefers football season over contest season, whereas Fletcher prefers contest season.

“Football season we just prepare for the half time routines, and its more laid back,” Fletcher said. “For the competition season we have a lot more strict practices.”

The flairs team really knows how to use their time.

“I feel confident in the dances that they are putting on at our competitions and I feel like they were all prepared!” Olson Said.

Last weekend, flairs finished their competition season.