Tiger Woods Rescued from a Near Fatal Accident: Intoxication not Checked by Doctors

Sarim Bhaidani, Editor

Tiger Woods, world renowned professional golf athlete, was caught in a single car accident. Investigators say that it was most likely caused by speeding since the road was very windy and on the edge of a slanted plateau.

This all happened on the night of Feb. 14 around 7pm in Los Angeles, California. Doctors were not concerned with checking Woods for intoxication levels and took him straight to the operating room due to his severe injuries.

The crash was very close to fatal since the car rolled multiple times while Woods was inside. The injuries caused by the crash were considered “trauma level” and whether they are career-ending wounds is still up for discussion.

Woods’s injuries consist of a broken leg and other minor fractures to the tibia and femur. These injuries required “extensive surgery” and the potentially career ending aspects of them are evident.

Woods was asked by the police why the crash happened. Woods claimed that he “did not know and did not remember driving.”

When asked again after his injuries were treated, he gave the same answer.

After further investigation on the car itself, it was said that there didn’t seem to be anything unusual going on with it and the crash was settled as speeding for now based on the info they were able to get.

Police are in the midst of getting a warrant to search the black box for further evidence, but for now the story ends here.


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