Turtles are Back Home

Hannah Wilson, Reporter

During Winter Storm Uri, there was over 1,000 turtles saved from the freezing waters at South
Padre Island.

When turtles get below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, they get “Cold Stunned.” This is when the
turtle’s body becomes slow and not work correctly.

During the freeze, the power at the rescue center went out and ten of their tank heaters stopped

Three days later they got a generator from SpaceX, but according to ABC.com the rescue said
the organizers need to “assess the damage that has been done.” Even though volunteers didn’t have
power, they still rescued as many turtles as they could.

After the week of the winter storm, the Sea Turtles Inc. started releasing the turtles back into
the Gulf of Mexico.

It wasn’t just the South Padre rescue that was helping the turtles, there were two other
organizations trying to help the sea animals.

They started letting the turtles back in the water Sunday, Feb 21. They would send the turtles
back into the water by sliding them into the ocean.

According to Skynews, thousands of community members bundled up and volunteered
long hours to aid in the rescue. Many with no electricity, water, or warmth in their own homes
still assisted Sea Turtle Inc.

By the end of the week more than 3,500 turtles were released back into the water, with
only some of the turtles staying at the rescue for medical reasons.

NBC News