Water Polo

Sarim Bhaidani, Editor

Water polo has not changed much from other years at Clear Lake despite the coronavirus. Water polo players cannot wear masks in the water, so they put their efforts more towards keeping the population in the natatorium to just the players to limit outside sources of contamination.

“There is never a lot of people in the natatorium, so we don’t really have to wear a mask,” Lizzie Costa said. “Masks usually get wet if we put them on after getting out of the water so it’s not really necessary”

“I sure the masks will go away soon, and they don’t affect water polo much, so it doesn’t matter much to me in terms of sports,” Costa said.

The players say that they ended up having about the same amount of fun as they did last year even with Covid-19. Without being able to wear masks, exceeding the capacity of the natatorium is out of the question and this makes it so the games cannot have people in the stands to watch.

“I was kind of bummed that we weren’t allowed to have visitors to the games since the capacity of the natatorium gets reached with both teams in there at the same time,” Scott Coldwell said. “But other than that the season is fun and going smoothly.”

Water polo is trudging on through Covid-19.