Girls Soccer Makes it to Finals

Sarim Bhaidani, Editor

Girls’ varsity soccer is currently one game away from the semi-finals in district, and with Covid-19 taking all sports by storm, girls’ soccer is still pushing through and making it big.

This same chance was cut short last year due to the severe outbreak of covid-19 and the cancellation of school just after spring break.

“It was really hard to have to stop the season in the middle since were doing so well and our district record was really good,” Michaela Rocabodo said. It was our big chance and they had to cut it off with school which is unfortunate.”

According to Rocabodo, the players have a really good synergy when playing and they practice that a lot during afterschool practices.

“There is not just one star player but a lot of teamwork that plays a role in why we are so successful in games,” Rocabodo said.

About 70% of the varsity team played soccer before they played for Lake. Most don’t plan to play after they graduate, they see it as a casual sport that they “still feel and like being invested in.”

80% also say that soccer is their main sport, with the other 20% saying that softball or volleyball was their main sport.

Despite covid-19, girls soccer is excelling under the circumstances and will continue to make the most of their season in districts