A Colorful Win

Michelle Garcia, Reporter

Color guard won a tournament which was this past spring break.

“I felt very proud, a lot of work went into our show,” Averee Gallatin said.

Gallatin is a freshmen who has recently joined the color guard team and is looking forward for upcoming events.

“I was [prepared] because I practice 4 hours every Tuesday, Thursday and at home,” Gallatin said.

Some things she needs to improve are technique and building strength, Gattilan says.

This is my first year doing color guard, and I plan on doing it through high school,” Gallatin said.

Color guard has an upcoming competition April 10. Their competitions are at different high schools in the Houston Area.

Gallatin joined because her best friend was doing color guard and she wanted her to do it with her.

“It is a sport that truly grows friendships and because its dance and flags. It is a beautiful and fun activity and you learn a lot from it,” Gallatin said.

The results of the team’s hard work were exciting for Gallatin, and she says that for upcoming events she will try her best, just like the rest of the color guard team.