Cheer for the Champions

Michelle Garcia, Reporter

Cheer had their competition on April 17, at Galveston.

Cassady Grindstaff was excited after their win and were declared Grand National Champions.

Grindstaff is a freshman who was part of making this achievement, she joined cheer because she really loves it.

After this accomplishment, there aren’t many cheer events left.

“We have camp this summer and that’s all I know about,” Grindstaff said.

The team gave all their effort towards this competition and ended up being the winners.

“[I feel proud] because we all worked hard this year during hard times,” Grindstaff said.

According to Grindstaff, the team have practiced, they have improved a lot of their skills which lead them to this point.

“We did good tumbling this year and good stunts,” Grindstaff said.

As Grindstaff keeps doing cheer, she plans on doing it in college as well.

She thinks that people in the future should join the cheer team.

“It’s fun and because it gives you so many opportunities,” Grindstaff said.

The cheer team has successfully obtained the win in Galveston and have earned the name of National Grand Champions.