Adam Toledo

Morgan Rast, Editor

On March 29, 13-year-old Adam Toledo was shot and killed by a police officer in Chicago.

There were two 911 calls that night regarding the extreme number of gunshots people heard.

Ruben Roman was seen shooting at a passing car with Toledo standing next to him.

After shooting, they attempted to get away by hiding in an alley where police officer shortly found them.

Both men ran away from the officers. An officer was able to tackle Roman and arrest him while another
officer pursued Toledo.

Toledo was running away and holding the gun that Roman was using to shoot at the passing car.
The officer finally got Toledo to stop.

Toledo turned to towards the officer and the officer said that the gun disappeared behind his right side
as he started to raise his hands. In the time that he was raising his hands the officer fired his weapon.
The gun was not seen in Toledo’s hands when he was shot.

Stillman asked any officers holding a medical kit to bring him things to help a chest wound.
He attempts the life saving measures but ultimately, there was no use as he was pronounced dead on

Adeena Weiss-Ortiz, his family’s attorney, told news reporters on Thursday that while he could have had
a gun in his hand, he did not have it at the time of him getting shot he threw the gun prior to.

The police officer that shot Toledo was identified as Eric Stillman.

Timothy Grace, the lawyer representing Stillman, said his client was left with no other option than to fire
his gun because of the lack of cover and concealment.

Grace claims his client feels horrible about how the situation ended but it was ultimately not Stillman’s fault.

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