Man Up Monday

Alex Fabian Garcia, Reporter

Man Up Monday started on Aug. 30 of this year. Coach Bromberg collaborated with Coach Taylor to start this program to help their players in the future.

“Originally our intent was to help our players develop into men that have skills that will help them down the road when they are married and/or have kids of their own,” Said Bromberg.

The program is known as Man up Monday because there are only males in the program currently.

“As we are just starting this up this year, we are focusing on just our players. Eventually we could branch out if there is interest,” Bromberg said. “These skills and lessons aren’t just geared toward males, but rather things all adults would benefit from knowing how to do in some form or fashion.”

The drive to help their players grow into men and have a successful future is what sparked the creation of this program.

“Wanting to be intentional about helping our guys grow into men and have skills that will help them down the road,” Bromberg said.

Coach Bromberg encourages their players to attend the sessions that will help them in the future.

“To ‘fill the toolbox’ for being an adult,” Bromberg said.

Something Coach Bromberg wants to achieve by the end of the year is to help his players become better man. According to Coach Bromberg, he’d like to help players become better men overall by the end of this year. The goal with each of these sessions is to help them acquire life skills that they may not be able to acquire elsewhere.

“100% attendance, skill and knowledge attainment, and to get to interact with teachers outside of the academic setting,” Bromberg said.

One of the skills that Coach Bromberg would like to teach their players in the future would be lawn care.

“We compiled a list and chose the ones we did for this year, but still have others for variety in the future. For example, lawn care, how to play cornhole,” Bromberg said.