Marching Towards Success


Kylie McKinney, Reporter

The marching band has been working since July 26 preparing their show, Metamorphosis In Blue, for football games and marching contests.

According to Felicity Cabrera, marching band is working extremely hard every day to improve. The band works for 2 ½ hours Monday-Friday on the red lot in preparation for playing in the stands and their halftime show at the football games.

“There’s some kids that really find their purpose in band,” Cabrera said. “They go onto be DCI (Drum Corps International) or music majors, and it really influences the community a lot.”

Most students claim that the band is a second family to them.

“I think it definitely is like a second family because we all spend so much time together, so you get to know people pretty well,” Alexa Ward said. “We all grow pretty close together.”

The band works hard to get the highest placement possible at their marching competitions.

“I like going to competitions because those are actually really fun,” William Berry said. “It’s frustrating when you put a lot of hours into it, and you end up being one of last places in the competitions.”

Being a part of an activity for so long creates habits and rituals. According to most of the band, patience and balance of priorities is key.

“Definitely time management is like the biggest thing in band,” Katie Stensrud said.

Most people in band have been playing their instrument since middle school and some are seniors now. They have several competitions they are preparing for that they will continue working toward.