Making History at Lake

Gabi Cuellar, Reporter

The Cultural History Club is a new club at CLHS. It was founded by Isabelle Ugalde and teaches students about different cultures. Their meetings are every other Wednesday in room 6026.

The club was started in order to help stop misinformation about different cultures.

“We want to aid in eliminating misunderstandings or stigmas that students may have about certain cultures and to add more diversity and representation at lake, to make students feel more included and seen as individuals,” Ugalde said.

Ugalde’s inspiration for creating the club stemmed from seeing how people often had misconceptions about other cultures.

“A few of my friends had mentioned that they had some things said or asked about their cultural identity that was insensitive, but the insensitive comments weren’t out of hate but a lack of understanding and education of their culture,” Ugalde said. “I want to help eliminate this alienating experience for students by creating content that represents their identity and to educate others, so they understand traditions and cultures.”

The club is free to join and doesn’t require any prerequisites or fees.

“The only commitment we ask is that you participate and give the club your all,” Ugalde said. “In the cultural history club, we are passionate about our cause and hope to inspire other students as well to participate in the club or even just be a kind human being.”

The cultural history club is not only a good way to learn about other cultures, but it’s also a great way to dive deeper into your own.

“We were supposed to do Latino history month, and I was really excited because I would get to learn more about my culture, you know not that I don’t know anything about it but because I never really took the time to learn much and so I figured it was a way to see what my culture’s all about,” member Felicity Cabrera said.

The cultural history club is new, growing, and encourages anyone interested to join it.

“Just try it out. I think it would definitely be worth your time, there’s a lot of new people as well, so you won’t be the only new person there,” Cabrera said. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and to just gather some really cool information along the way.”

If you are creative, want to spread cultural awareness, meet new people, or just learn more about other cultures, then the cultural history club may be for you.