Serving Up Success

Kylie McKinney, Reporter

The 2021-2022 CLHS varsity volleyball team is  to serve up wins this season.

The girls say they absolutely love being in volleyball and around each other. Most of them have been playing the game since they were little.

“I’ve been playing volleyball since I was in third or second grade, but I got more serious about it when I got into middle school,” Kenadi Hall said. “I just love my team and I love working with them.”

High school athletes will tell you how difficult it is to play sports as well as keep their academics a priority. The varsity volleyball girls can tell you that volleyball is demanding but being on the varsity volleyball team is a whole different ball game.

“It’s been really cool the past two years, it’s just a whole new level of responsibility but it feels good to know you can be a leader,” Hanna Azbell said. “I’m taking hard classes and have varsity volleyball all at the same time, so I’ve just worked really hard to manage my time well while also not getting so overwhelmed.”

Although the team enjoys being around one another, there are still times when they don’t get along.

“They don’t tell you how much drama there’s going to be,” Chloe Beck said. “There’s so many girls and we’re always together so there’s always drama.”

According to the team, the game is very stressful, especially with all the practices, games, and competitions. They all work together to be the best they can, but some girls have their own motives.

“My parents keep me motivated because they always support me,” Logan Bess said. “When I don’t feel motivated, they just say ‘Hey, remember you got this.’”

According to most of the varsity team, the girls plan to further their legacy and skills in college.

“My big goal is to go to A&M, but I am kind of talking to ASU, but we’ll see,” Annie Cathey said.

The athletes say that the game is such an adrenaline rush, and they can’t wait to see where volleyball gets them in the next couple of years. Most of the girls are seniors going off to college, but there are sophomores and juniors working towards the same goal.