Testing The Waters


Rahma AbbelGilil

Water polo goalie preparing to pass the ball back into play

Marisol Orlina, Reporter

On Oct. 9 and Nov. 22, CCISD will be holding a clinic for anyone with swimming ability, but very little water polo experience.

At the Clear Falls H.S. pool from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Oct. 9, the first girls’ session will be held.  Afterwards from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., the boys’ session will be held.  If someone is unable to make the first day of session, they can attend the second on the Nov. 22, which will have the same times and location.

This clinic’s instructions will be coming from elite CCISD high school Aquatics coaches.  Melissa Prince be coaching water polo technique.  This will include abilities such as throwing, catching, and treading water.

All attendees will be inexperienced.  The lesson plan for this event is meant to build water polo athletes from the ground up.  The requirements are to bring a one-piece swimsuit and have strong swimming ability.

“I want to go to the clinic so I can learn the basics of water polo and make new friends,” Hailey Houston, a freshman on the swim team said.  “And you know, I think it would be a really good opportunity.”

This clinic is designed to give never-before players a chance to test the waters and see if polo is right for them.  The clinic will teach both team dynamic and give a chance to meet new people through interest discovery.

“It’s a team sport so learn to work with your team,” Coach Roberts said.  “No one person can win a water polo game.”

Cardio, swimming strength, listening and communication are all aspects coaches will teach.

“Water polo’s a beasty sport,” Coach Prince said.  “But it’s all about team players gelling to work together as one unit in order to be successful.”

His clinic is meant to build up to the real thing.  It’s not going to start all ‘rugby in the water’ just yet.

All people of all sports are welcome, athletic swimming experience is not required.

Tryouts for the water polo team will be held in spring for all interested.