Freshman Class Officers

Connor Mathis, Reporter

What are your goals for your new position?

President Reginald Jenkins III: “I want to raise enough money for our athletics system and our elective system, and I want to raise money additionally for our class.”

Vice President Heather Korth: “To make sure that people’s voices are heard and collaborate well with people I didn’t go to middle school with.  I plan to work together with all the officers to make sure we have a strong group that can lead our Freshman class.”

Secretary Anna Moore: “My goals are to get everyone involved in the school and have new ideas incorporated from everyone, not just the officers themselves.”

Historian Amelie Nguyen: “To document and account for the events of the freshman class. I’m looking forward to working with all the others in the freshman class.”

Treasurer Emilie Dong: “As treasurer I’d be managing the finances so my goal would be to do that, and also let everyone in the class know where the money’s going instead of just doing it by myself and only the other officers knowing.”