Plans for Stratosphere Tours


Izzy Gariel, Editor

Yearning space tourists now have one more option to consider. A company, World View Enterprise are working on a project to have a balloon system that will carry passengers to the stratosphere, which is set to debut in 2024.

“World View’s ambition is to change the conversation around space tourism. It’s not just a joyride; it’s so much bigger and more important than that,” CEO Ryan Hartman said in an interview with

According to, each seat on this space capsule is going for $50,000 which is significantly a lot lower than any other space tourism would be charging. The ride would be gentle and smooth enough to allow people of various ages to travel on this balloon.

World View has decided where to lift off from; Amazonian Brazil, Queensland, Mongolia; near the Great Wall of China, Norway, Egypt, near the Giza Pyramids, and Australia.

“Our mission is to expand access to space to all and in doing so, support the transformation of our world’s most ambitious leaders so they can use their experience in space to create positive change here on Earth,” executive director of Space for Humanity, Rachel Lyons said.

Almost a decade ago World View announced plans for a “Balloon-Capsule system called Voyager” and the seats would have been $75,000 each. At this time, they wanted Voyager to start up by 2016 although that did not happen.

In 2019 two of World View’s co-founders Jane Poytner and Taber Maccallum started their own company, Space Perspective. Which has now developed into a balloon capsule system of its very own Spaceship on the planet Neptune.

“The Explorer plan shares some similarities with Voyager’s design — for example, ascending with the aid of a giant balloon but landing beneath a parasail on dry ground,” Hartman said. “But the explorer is not just the Voyager rebranded, it’s different.”

Company representatives mentioned that the experience will be luxurious. The capsule will have reclining seats, Earth-facing cameras, high-speed internet access, and star-spotting access.

Two World View employees will be on the capsule with you, one as a tour guide and operator and one as a concierge. And yes, there is a bathroom on board.

Space X recently launched four of its people on a first-ever all-private mission, Inspiration4, to Earth orbit. Inspiration4 was commanded and booked by billionaire Jared Issacman. SpaceX is also scheduled to launch another orbital mission in February 2022.

“I don’t feel like this as a fight for Market Share at all,” Hartman said. “In fact, I see it as a broadening of the ecosystem that we’re all feeling called to create.”

Although there is a lot going on in the space exploration arena, World View mentioned in an interview with that they are positive they can carve out a place for themselves.