Filled With Rhythm

Madisen Tucker, Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday Oct. 27 the Falcon choir program held their fall concert. The choir hasn’t had a proper
concert in 22 months, and for much of the program it was their first concert.

“I think the choir as a whole performed well,” Symphonic Chorale member Regan Steffenauer said. “I think Symphonic was a little frustrated though.”

Head director Mrs. Blakey approached Clear Lake and Space Center Intermediate choir directors earlier
in the year with an opportunity.

The directors convened and decided to do a double concert, the first being the high school choir,
followed by the intermediate programs. The Symphonic Chorale was also featured to close out the
intermediate concert.

“Singing with [the middle school kids] was fun,” Senior Chorale member Imari Sparks said. “I loved
seeing how shocked and happy the smaller kids looked when the older kids started singing.”

This served as both a morale boost for the children in the middle school choirs, and a reminder to the
high school students that they have a legacy to lead.

“I think the kids’ reactions made me realize just how much of an impact we as high school students have
on young performers,” Sparks said.

Leading up to the concert each of the choirs worked individually in attempts to master or just memorize
their pieces.

“I think [Symphonic] could’ve benefited from focusing more on the solfege in our German piece,” Bass
signer Sam Keener said. “In order to make it seem not so robotic.”

The loose theme of both concerts tied together forming Around the World. Each song that was
performed by the various choirs had a different location and feel behind it.

“It personally felt like a trip, getting to listen to these different cultures and their styles of music,” Sparks

According to some of the students, there is areas where the choir needs to focus on if they want to be
on top of their game at their next concert. However, they do believe that for a first concert in almost
two years, both directors and students handled the show well.

“This concert served as a wakeup call for us,” Steffenauer said. “Our directors did a good job reminding
us that it essentially was a practice run for us.”

With their first concert of the year behind them, the choir program is now focusing on music for their
Winter Tide Concert. The concert will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 7 in the Performing Arts Center.