Mrs. Guevara

Izzy Gariel, Editor

As another nine weeks begins students begin to question what makes their teacher outstanding.


Though being a full-time mother and a full-time teacher, Mrs. Guevara is one of Clear Lake’s teachers that have been teaching here for over 20 years.


“In second grade I had a teacher, Ms. Fisher, to love her kids,” Mrs. Guevara said. “I had to have surgery and she went out of her way to bring me flowers and ice cream, because I had just gotten my tonsils taken out.”


Guevara’s parents are from Mexico, but she grew up in Houston. She was born in Plain View which is right outside of Lubbock.


Her first language is Spanish because that is what her parents spoke, but she speaks both English and Spanish. Guevara is head of the Spanish Honors Society, and she teaches all the AP Spanish classes.


She became head of the Spanish Honors Society because there was an opening, and she has been here at Lake for 25 years. “Nobody else wanted to do it, but here I came along.”


“Sometimes I wonder ‘oh when can I retire’ but not really. I could never just be in front of a computer,” Mrs. Guevara said.


Guevara’s passion for teaching began at an early age. She mentioned that when she was a kid her and her cousins would play school and Guevara was always the teacher. “She’s a Christian woman,” Pedro Flores, a senior track runner said.


“The passion is to teach the kids the language, I want them to have self-confidence. If you don’t learn anything in this class, I want you to leave knowing good manners.”


If you were to ask one of her students, they would say that Ms. Guevara is one of the teachers who has the most patience, empathy, communication, and listening skills. She even has kids who come and sit in her classroom during her conference period.