House M.D. Review

Connor Mathis, Reporter

Have you ever watched a show with a misanthropic main character? Well neither have most

Many wonder, as myself did, if this is a formula that could work in a Television show, but I was
happily mistaken.

House M.D. is a Drama/Comedy about a doctor who cares more about solving the puzzle, than
the patient. This is a system that many may consider sociopathic, but if you watch the show,
you’ll see it’s one that gets results.

The exposition for the show came from the Books/movies/shows involving Sherlock Holmes. Dr
House not only has his personality and friend group modeled after Holmes, but their names are
also homophones as “House” and “Homes” have similar meanings.

Throughout the long running eight season of House M.D. there are a total of one hundred and
seventy-seven episodes. Usually when a series goes on for an extended amount of time, such as
House M.D. did, there is a visible decline in quality, but according to Rotten Tomatoes (a movie
and television rating service) there was never a steep drop off when it came to quality. The
critics gave the series an astounding 90%, and the audience gave it a whopping 96%, both
ratings imply that the show is exceptional.

Though House goes through numerous medical issues and trials in each episode, it’s a series
that can be entertaining for everyone. I went into the show not knowing anything pertaining to
medicine (and I still don’t know anything pertaining to medicine), and with no interest at all,
but the shows snappy dialogue, and interesting characters managed to make me never lose my

House M.D. goes through numerous problems that vary from addiction to loss of loved ones,
and it brings the perfect blend of drama and comedy, as it makes sure that neither of the two
overstep their boundaries. House M.D. was filmed in Koreatown, Princeton, at Princeton
university, which incidentally the Hospital in the series is named Princeton Plainsboro Hospital.
If these are qualities that you appreciate in a series, I would strongly recommend checking out
this series.