Mr. Buffaloe

Gabi Cuellar and Kylie McKinney

Mr. Buffaloe is the orchestra director at CLHS. He attended Sam Houston State University and has been
teaching for 26 years. He has a masters degree in Music education and a minor’s degree in Violin

Mr. Buffaloe started playing violin and has learned many other instruments over the years.

“I started on violin as my primary instrument when I was in sixth grade, and then I also play guitar and
mandolin, banjo and bass and just kind of learned anything that had a string on it,” Mr. Buffaloe said. “I
just kind of picked it up.”

He wasn’t always an orchestra director. In his early life, he played in a country western band. Throughout this time, he also played for big country names like Alan Jackson.

“I actually played in a professional country and western band, and that’s how I paid my way through
college,” Mr. Buffaloe said. “I played for a lot of major country artists like Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson
and Mark Chestnutt.”

He listens to several genres of music as well.

“I actually like all kinds of music, like rock, classic rock, country, blue grass, jazz, swing; A lot of people
think just because I’m an orchestra teacher I only like classical music,” Mr. Buffaloe said. “I even listen to a little bit of rap, and I listen to a lot of pop.”

Mr. Buffaloe also has a wide range of hobbies he pursues outside of work.

“I’m actually a really good dancer and I like to dance all kinds of styles of music,” Mr. Buffaloe said. “I’m
into fashion and I like to shop too.”

The CLHS orchestra is one with many accomplishments under their belts, so this year, one of his main
goals as a teacher is to make music a bigger part of his students’ lives now and to take into the future.

“Our orchestra here at clear lake has achieved pretty much everything that a high school orchestra can
achieve, so now my main goal is to just teach people to enjoy music to where they appreciate it more to
do it into their adult playing,” Mr. Buffaloe said.

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