Spreading Holiday Cheer at Lake


Vishwa Chaudhari

Junior Luke Wang is rocking the bass at the orchestra winter concert

Gabi Cuellar, Reporter

This holiday season, the CLHS orchestra is preparing various works of music for their Winter concert, Taking place on Dec. 8 in the PAC.

The orchestra will play many holiday favorites for everyone in the community to come and enjoy.

“This particular concert is more for the community than it is for us as the players because that’s one of the concerts that brings our community together, because everyone likes to go hear music during the holiday time,” director Bryan Buffaloe said.

Students have been participating in independent, in-class, and after school rehearsals in order to prepare for the winter concert.

“Everyone’s here every day, we’re able to rehearse more, so it sounds pretty good,”  bassist Colin Roberts said.

This year with everyone being back in person, the orchestra can have a fully combined orchestra for the first time in one and a half years.

“I am very happy that we’re able to have all in person this year,” Madelyn Cabrera said. “Just being able to see everyone and rehearse together feels nice.”

The music being played at the winter concert is for everyone in the community to enjoy.

“The best part is listening to all the Christmas music,” Cabrera said. “Before I play, I get to listen to two of the orchestras perform music and it’s always fun listening.”

While the orchestra puts many hours into practice and preparation for students it’s a time where students form friendships and can find common ground.

“I like our concert suite from The Polar Express because that movie reflects upon a time when my kids were little, so I enjoy that and yeah that’s my favorite,” Buffaloe said. “We’re one big family and it’s really just fun because we all can connect with music.”

Even though not all students will pursue careers in music, some students plan to keep music part of their life post high school.

Keep an eye out for orchestras next concert later in the school year.