Basketball Tryouts

Connor Mathis, Reporter

With winter creeping up upon us that means colder weather, the new year approaching, and the start of basketball. With basketball comes tryouts, and with tryouts comes the birth of a brand-new season.

At tryouts they will be tested through numerous drills such as layup drills, dribbling drills, shooting drills and passing drills.

Throughout all sports leadership is an important factor, but according to members of the team, leadership is an extremely valuable trait to have in basketball.

“I’m looking forward to being a leader on the court,” Lofton Leeth said. “I’m kind of the vocal guy on the team.”

Some of the players have aspirations passed tryouts, as they are already planning on having a strong season.

“I want to average a double double again this year,” Leeth said. “Last season I had a double double with rebounds and points, and I’m looking to repeat that again this season.”

What makes an athlete special is their drive to keep going even after a sense of security, and that is an attribute that some of these Falcons possess.

“I’ve actually already made the team,” Armani Reese said. “But I want to be hungry and be ready to dominate everyone.”

No matter the sport you play, winning will always be the number one priority. On the Falcon basketball team, it’s no different.

“My goal is to win obviously, and to play as hard as possible,” Reese said. “Another goal that we
have as a team is to win district.”

Basketball is a sport that has many fun aspects both on and off the court, and the Falcon players get to
experience those features.

“I’m looking forward most to travelling with the team,” Reese said. “We get to go almost all the way to the border, and I’m also looking forward to playing Brook and Dickinson to prove to them how good we are.”

Clear Lake Basketball has a rich legacy, and through these tryouts they’re trying to find people who will carry on that legacy. Tryouts will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 3.