Leave it on the Mat

Madisen Tucker, Editor-in-Chief

Wednesday, Jan. 19 the wrestling team faced off against the Clear Brook Wolverines and Clear Springs Chargers.

“We did really good,” Ty Annoura said. “We still managed to win, but it wasn’t our best meet.”

So far in the season all three schools have been mostly even in wins.

“Lake’s varsity had more wins than both schools,” junior Storm Bristol said. “However, our junior varsity had less wins than both schools.”

Every wrestling meet or invite begins with what’s called a weigh-in. This is where each competitor will step on a scale to see which class they can fight in based on their weight.

“Stepping on that scale is probably one of the hardest things you do at a meet,” Annoura said. “It’s all fun from there, you just work your way up through the bracket.”

Annoura claims to help make weight he will flush out his system using water, and he sweats off any excess weight the day prior to weigh-in.

“There were mistakes on the mat,” Annoura said. “There were points scored against us that didn’t need scored.”

To help prevent mistakes being made in meets, Coach Hart pushes the team in practices.

According to Bristol, a typical practice includes warming up with jogging, rolls, dives, and stretches, followed by each individual focusing on their form, foot work and moves.

“We end practice with what we call live matches,” Bristol said. “We wrestle different people for multi-minute matches.”

Bristol believes that even though the practices can be tiring, they pay off in matches.

“The coach’s involvement in practice is, without a doubt, what helps us prepare the most,” Bristol said.

According to Annoura, the most difficult thing about being in wrestling is keeping a strong mentality.

“You have to keep your mind in check, go out there and do your best,” Annoura said. “Don’t worry about who the other guy is.”

Overall, the wrestling team is hoping to perform well enough to push themselves all the way to state.