Saying Salve to Latin Honor Society

Gabi Cuellar, Reporter

The Latin Honor Society is a branch of the Latin club. The honor society is for students taking Latin classes that are also in the Latin club who are invested and committed to Latin as a language.

The Latin Honor society participates in numerous competitions throughout the year.  These competitions take place both around Houston and around Texas.

“In a couple of weeks, we will be going back to saint Thomas again and [Latin Honor Society] will take academic tests on Latin grammar, Latin vocabulary, Greek History, they will create artwork,” Ms. McCormick said.  “They’ll also have some athletic events”

The Latin Honor Society, like others, also does services for the school, people, and sometimes, even schools outside our community.

“The big thing that we do is that we’re one of the two groups that sponsors the custodian luncheon every Christmas time, they did trunk or treat this year,” Ms. McCormick said.

According to Ms. McCormick, another thing that the Latin honors society kids did this year was create cards for students at a school in Austin after their Latin teacher suddenly passed away.

The Latin honor society allows students to be in it and have the opportunity to be involved in other societies and school activities.

“Most the kids that are in the National Latin Honors society are in 15 other honors society’s that’s just kind of how it works,” Ms. McCormick said. “I bet if you talked to Chinese or German [Honor Society], they’d say the same thing. They tend to be very involved. We don’t have a whole lot of service requirements.”

Those in Latin honor society you can put it on your college transcript.  They are also given the chance to meet people with a common interest.

“If you’re in Latin Honor Society it goes really well on you College transcript, like a ton of other honor societies, but also you get to meet people that are just like you,” vice president Griffin Snapka said.

The Lattin Honor society doesn’t meet often, but when they do, they organize and discuss projects and services.

“We don’t meet a lot, but if there’s a project or some service coming up well meet, or maybe to study for upcoming area,” Snapka said.

In order to be in the Latin Honor Society, you have to be in a Latin class, maintain an A average in the class and have overall good character.

The Latin Honor Society has a quizbowl Competition coming up this upcoming Saturday.