Girls Varsity Soccer Dribbling Towards Victory

Audrey Perez, Reporter

The lady falcon soccer players play with three things in mind: make a goal, don’t mess up and be the best.

With winning their first district tournament against Clear Brook Wolverines on Jan. 24 8-0, the girls are getting ready for their next game Jan. 28.

These girls try their best at every game and practice to be the best they can be for their second district tournament on Jan. 28.

“We improve our skills and how we play by practicing as much as possible, focusing on the drills we play, and rewatching our games to see our mistakes and what we could improve on,” Ryan Deguzman said.

Ryan is a first-year student on the varsity team. She thinks the coaches are one of the big and main roles in how the girls play.

Like any sports team, their coaches push the girls to be the best.

“Our coaches push us to be our very best and they motivate us by explaining things we need to work on,” Deguzman said.

The team has areas that they think they can improve on and areas they think they play very well in.

“Our team could improve on communication. That has been our biggest problem, but we have come such long ways in a matter of two months,” Deguzman said. “Our communication is far better than it was at the start of pre-season.”

They played a total of seven games this season so far, winning four, losing two, and tying one.

They tied Bellair 2-2, lost to Montgomery 2-1, and to Westbrook in pk’s 4-2. They beat Clear Springs 1-0, Kingwood 1-0, and Clear Brook 8-0.

The team tries to be the best not only during the game with the ball, but after the game with the other players.

“We play fair against the teams and after every game we tell the other team that they played a good game,” Deguzman said.

The team has great bonds with each other that really help with their game. They still have about half the season left and we cannot wait to see what the girls will do!