Journey’s ‘Escape’ Album Review


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Record player spinning a vinyl

Roman Enriquez, Reporter

Released on July 31, 1981, “Escape” by Journey was the band’s most successful album yet. The album was one of the biggest hits in the 80s.

The most memorable tracks are “Don’t Stop Believin’,” “Open Arms,” and “Who’s Crying Now.”

The signature angelic voice of Steve Perry is what many remember to this day. There is no doubt that Perry is one of the all-time greatest.

However, not all the credit for the success of the album is attributed to him.

Guitarist Neal Schon was also a huge contributor. With his ability to find the right tone and feel for every song, it was easy to fall in love with his playing.

The guitar solo on” Mother, Father” is simply amazing and does not get quite the amount of praise it deserves.

Keyboardist and Songwriter Jonathan Cain was the newest member on the album. When Greg Rollie departed from the group, Journey found Cain.

You could argue they could not have found a better replacement. His songwriting and iconic piano playing shifted the landscape of the band’s sound. Cain was a songwriter on every track on the album.

Ross Valory while often overlooked was also a great contributor to the album. Valory never had any huge parts on bass but complemented the bands sound very well. Although he really showed off his prowess on the bass on the song “La Raza Del Sol”.

Last but certainly not least, drummer Steve Smith. Also a member who does not get enough credit, he was an exceptional drummer.

With a jazz drumming background, he certainly knows his way around the kit. He knew what each song needed to enhance it. The tracks on the album would not be the same without him.

Journey as a whole, and especially on this album, show that they are a wonderful talent all together. They just had a way of reaching the hearts of people with their music. With feel good songs and tunes to fall in love to, you cannot deny their impact on the music industry.

The producers and the manager, Herbie Herbert also deserves credit for his great work. The producers and engineers were Mike Stone, Kevin Elson, Wally Buck, Bob Ludwig, and Brian Lee.

The bands “Escape” tour in 1981 was  one for the ages. The group’s iconic stop in Houston, Texas will never be forgotten.