Follow Up: Icy Competition

A Continued Recap of The Winter Olympics



Figure skater performing on the ice

Hannah Klippel, Reporter

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The second half of the Winter Olympics continued Feb.10, with Team USA taking a win against ROC in the first Women’s Curling match (Women’s Session 1) and a second win against Denmark (Women’s Session 2). However, the men lost their match against Sweden (Men’s Session 2).

Nathan Chen took gold in Men’s Single Free Skating, as well as the Mixed Team Free-Style Skiing.

Chloe Kim brought home gold in Women’s Snowboard Half-Pipe, marking the second, third, and fourth gold medals for team USA. Later that night, Men’s Ice Hockey won a shutout preliminary game against China.

Feb. 11 continued with another Women’s Curling win, this time against China (Women’s Session 3), and the Women’s Ice Hockey team beat out Czech Republic to win the quarterfinals.

The Men’s Curling Team also won their match against Great Britain (Men’s Session 3).

Feb. 12, Women’s Curling lost the match against Great Britain (Women’s Session 5) and the men lost theirs against Norway (Men’s Session 5).

However, Men’s Ice Hockey won another preliminary round, this time against Canada and the USA Mixed Team took gold in Snowboard Cross finals.

Feb. 13, Women’s Curling lost the match against Sweden (Women’s Session 6) and Men’s Curling lost the match against Canada, (Men’s Session 6) but won the next game over China (Men’s Session 7).

Men’s Ice Hockey won the third preliminary round against Germany. Erin Jackson took another gold medal for team USA in the 500-meter Speed Skating.

Feb. 14, Women’s Curling took a win against the Republic of Korea (Women’s Session 7), and Women’s Ice Hockey won the Semifinals against Finland.

Kaillie Humphries took gold and Elana Meyers Taylor took silver in the Women’s Bobsleigh Monobob heat.

The USA Ice Dancing team of Madison Hubbell and Zarchary Donohue took bronze in the Free Dance category.

Megan Nick took bronze in the Women Free-Style Ski Aerials.

Feb. 15, Women’s Curling lost the match against Switzerland (Women’s Session 9), but the Men’s Team won their game against Switzerland (Men’s Session 9).

Unfortunately, though they lost the next match against Italy (Men’s Session 10). Team USA won bronze in the Men’s Team Speed Skating event.

Feb. 16, Women’s Curling lost their games against Canada (Women’s Session 10) and Japan (Women’s Session 11).

Men’s Ice Hockey lost the quarterfinal game against Slovakia. In the Men’s Free-Style Slope ski, USA’s Alexander Hall won gold and Nicholas Goepper won silver.

February 17, Men’s Curling won a game against Denmark (Men’s Session 12) but lost the semifinal game against Great Britain.

Women’s Ice Hockey lost their finals, leaving Canada victorious, but Brittany Bowe took bronze in the Women’s 1000-meter Speed Skating event.

Feb.18, Men’s Curling lost the bronze medal game to Canada.

Feb. 19, Elana Meyers Taylor took another medal, this time a bronze in the 2-Women Bobsleigh heat. David Wise took silver and Alex Ferreira took bronze in Men’s Free-Style Ski Halfpipe Final.

Feb. 20, the final day of the games, Jessie Diggins won silver at Women’s Cross-Country Skiing.

Concluding the 2022 Winter Olympics Games, Norway won first place overall, with sixteen gold medals, eight silver medals, and thirteen bronze medals (16-8-13).

Germany took second (12-10-5) and China third (9-4-2) with USA trailing behind in fourth place (8-10-7).