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Connor Mathis, Reporter

The future of the NFL will begin their careers at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium. This event will take place from March 3-6.

The combine will showcase players from each position and will allow the players to improve their draft stocks for the upcoming NFL Draft which will occur from April 28-30.

The Combine will be held for the first time in two years, as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic kept the Combine from being held.

Notable names such as Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert took place in the most recent Draft Combine.

The different trials that the future players will compete in will consist of drills, vertical and long jumps, 40-yard dashes and more.

Many of these, especially the 40-yard dashes are looked back on, even far into a player’s career.

The trials will point out the players strengths and weaknesses so that NFL scouts and general managers get a better idea about what they’re going to get by drafting them.

The first day, Thursday March 3, will consist of the tight ends, quarterbacks and wide receivers. This is due to the connection that a quarterback needs with his various receivers, so by grouping them together they all benefit.

The second day, Friday March 4, will consist of the place kickers, special teams, offensive line, and running backs. The place kickers and special teams are grouped together just because they’re all part of the special teams group.

The running back and offensive lineman are grouped together because a running back depends on the skill set and communication of their offensive lineman for a good play.

The third day, Saturday March 5, will consist of the defensive line, and linebackers. They’re grouped together because they all are involved with playing on or close to the line, and both groups rush the passer/rusher.

The fourth and final day, Sunday March 6, will consist of the defensive backs such as safeties and cornerbacks. The group all defensive backs together because they’re all involved in coverage and have similar responsibilities.

The NFL Draft Combine will be televised on the NFL Network, it will be on from 4-11 p.m. Eastern time during the first three days and from 2-7 p.m. on March 6.



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