Black Beauty Ranch Raising Beautiful Tigers


Photo by A G on Unsplash

Bengal tiger staring off into the camera

Audrey Perez, Reporter

Black Beauty Ranch is a 1,400-acre property helping many interesting animals including tigers. Loki, Elsa, and India are some of the cats that were rescued by this sanctuary.

There are more than 800 animals there at the ranch. They have tigers, lions, bears and more.

Loki, the 320-pound tiger, is one of the many animals here. February will mark three years that Loki has been at the sanctuary.

Loki was one of the rescue cats that was found by a police officer abandoned in a garage. His previous owner said she was planning to take him to a wildlife sanctuary because he had gotten too big.

“Loki was found in a tiny transport cage where he had obviously lived for quite a while because he was sitting on top of rotting hay filled with maggots, and rotting food filled with feces,” Senior director Noelle Almrud said.

Elsa is a female tiger who was found by a police officer roaming around a women’s backyard during the 2019 Texas freeze. Elsa only weighed 75 pounds when she was found. She has grown so much at the sanctuary and now weighs 210-pounds.

India is another one of the tigers and Black Beauty Ranch. India was in a video roaming an energy corridor in May of 2021.

In this video, a sheriff was pointing a gun at India as she walked into the street. Victor Cuevas grabbed India by the collar and they both got into a pickup truck and drove to an unknown location.

India was found 15 days later with no harm to her and ready to be taken to the sanctuary.

“His personality has changed tremendously from being habituated to humans to being a wild cat,” Almrud said.

In the nine months that India has been at the Black Beauty Ranch, he has started to be more tiger-like. Now he can go back to this because he is no longer in the hands of humans.

Almrud said that they want to expand the ranch and they will sometime in the future.