Varsity Baseball Sliding Into the 2022 Season


Rahma AbbelGilil

Varsity pitcher, Sammy Moreno, throwing to third baseman, Ryan Saunders, in hopes of an out

Audrey Perez, Reporter

The hammering sound of the baseball hitting the metal bat. The shouts of the families and friends on the bleachers. The varsity boys are running onto the bases this season to be the best.

The boys this year are very excited for the season this year, and to play their best.

“I’m looking forward to make a comeback from last year,” Reid Hornsby said.

The boys are also very excited to get to play this season with one another.

“I’m excited to compete and win games with my teammates,” Ryan Saunders said.

Baseball is a team sport that requires several players to be able to play, but people do get hurt.

“We have a lot of injuries this year so if our teammates stop injuring themselves, we would be in a healthy condition to win,” Hornsby said.

Like any sport, there are many things that go into being a great team on the field, with one being the skills of all the players individually and as a team.

“I feel like our team is full of good hitters, and we have great energy,” Saunders said.

The boys also have good energy toward each other when it comes to playing the game.

“Our team is really good at bringing each other up,” Caleb Castle said.

Like any sport there is always room for improvement. The boys see what they need to improve on, and they fix it.

“We could perform better at pitching, defense, and consistently playing hard,” Raylen Jackson said. “I feel like we get too comfortable when we are winning.”

The boys put in their best work on and off the field.

“Our team puts in a lot of work in outside of required practices and that is going to contribute to our success on the field,” Hornsby said.

Not only do the boys put in work but so do the coaches. The coaches are invested in how the boys perform for the season.

“Our coaches put in a lot of hours outside of the school day to make us better and are genuinely willing to do whatever it takes to improve our team,” Hornsby said.

The coaches help the boys not only in practice but during the workouts as well.

“Coach Bromberg has been working really hard to try to get us on the right path in practices and workouts,” Jackson said.

A lot of the players on the team rely on each other for motivation to play the sport.

“My motivation for this season is the potential our team has,” Jase Holcomb said.

Not only are they each other’s motivation, but a lot of these young men want to continue their baseball career in college.

“Being around my teammates and playing college baseball is my biggest motivation,” Saunders said.

This season is just starting for the boys, and they are very excited to get to play their sport with one another. Varsity has their first game March 15.