Female Artists Make History

Kylie McKinney, Reporter

This year’s 2022 Billboard Women in Music event was held in Los Angeles, California at the YouTube Theatre on Wednesday, March 2.

The event recognized some of the most popular female artists of this year including Ciara, the host of the event, as well as other singer-songwriters such as Olivia Rodrigo, Doja Cat, Summer Walker, and more.

2008’s Billboard Woman of The Year, Ciara, was in charge of hosting this year’s event which was full of inspiring speeches, quotes, and recognitions, including one of her own.

To start off the evening, Ciara respectfully chose to hold a moment of silence as well as send out a heartfelt prayer to the women and girls of Ukraine.

The most popular female artist of 2022 was woman of the year, Olivia Rodrigo. As she is a young 19-year-old star, she gave a speech that was filled with encouragement and honesty towards the younger generation.

“To all the young girls out there who are writing songs every day in their journals, on their bedroom floors – I am constantly moved by your vulnerability and your creativity and bravery,” Rodrigo said.

As Gabby Barrett, considered the rising star of this year’s event, accepted her award, she went on to give a speech full of advice from her personal experiences and emotions.

“Some days you will want to completely give up and feel absolutely defeated, but try to use any negative comments and situations that you run into along the way as fuel to keep you going,” Barrett said.

The woman considered the trailblazer this year was Phoebe Bridgers. Phoebe was handed this award by her mother Jamie and Phoebe made sure her mom was shared in the moment of fame.

She thanked her fans and most of all her mom for helping set the foundation of her happiness and sense of support, claiming her mom made her feel like the new Bob Dylan, even when her lyrics were subpar.

The artist of the year, Doja Cat, was awarded powerhouse. Doja performed the song “Alone” from her album Planet Her, leaving the audience in amazement from the talent and humor that was expressed as she jokingly focused with a clear eye on the Maggi Simpkins designed necklace that came with her award.

When Karol G was honored the title of rule breaker for this year, she gave a stunning performance of a version of “El Barco.” The crowd seemed to enjoy her performance which included Karol herself, and many other female aspects.

Karol showed that celebrating was the most important part of accepting a reward.

Moving onto the impact award, H.E.R accepted this reward individually but like Phoebe Bridgers, she made sure to shout out her mom for her support.

“I want to thank my mom for teaching me to stay humble, be grounded, and be hardworking,” H.E.R said.

The icon of this year, Bonnie Raitt, decided to show her appreciation but also focus on creating a world of peace. She took a moment to hold a prayer for the events occurring in Ukraine.

“My heart is heavy for the people of Ukraine, and I know the Russian people are not in agreement – so many of them – with what’s being done. I pray for all the people who are working hard for peace,” Raitt said.

Saweetie was considered a “work of art” this year and was handed the award of game changer. Saweetie was thankful and she took this time to explain the ups and downs her career has been through.

She mentioned her respect for her friends and family for supporting her every step of the way. According to Saweetie, she would rather change the weather than report it.

The chart breaker herself, Summer Walker, kept her moment of fame short and sweet. After pulling out a slip of paper from her bra she began to read her speech.

These women were considered some of the best artists of 2022 but the rising executive of the year, Golnar Khosrowshahi, hopes to make history. Her speech was filled with hope and encouragement for future women in music.

“I encourage us all to continue to recruit, to mentor and cultivate the next generation of female leaders within our respective organizations so that one day, recognizing women in leadership roles will be the expectation and not a necessity,” Khosrowshahi said.