Black Student Union Hosts Fundraiser

Kevin Balke, Reporter

The Black Student Union is having a food fair fundraiser on April 22. The club will sell Frito pies, drinks and other foods in the commons during Falcon Lunch.

“The fundraiser is to make sure that the next members have money to spend on events and activities,” Treasurer Obaydon Abuain said. “Or hopefully even go on a field trip.”

The club also strives to gain more awareness.

“We’re starting our social media page,” Abuain said. “Hopefully it’ll gain more traction and people will start figuring out when dates are.”

The club’s social media will be called LakeBSU. The union hopes it will spread positivity and awareness.

“The Black Student Union is an organization that helps black students have a place that they come together to host events themselves or spread their culture,” Vice President Will Strong said.

It’s not just for black students it’s for everyone.

“It’s to raise money for events where everybody can come together, have fun, and learn something,” Strong said.

The club has hosted other activities and events.

“We had a movie night,” Abuain said. “We watched Black Panther, of course.”

It was the club’s first event.

“We were trying to raise money for women shelters,” Strong said.

Even though it’s late in the school year, the club is always accepting new members and donations.

“You can still join,” Abuain said. “Just come to the meetings and we will add you to a GroupMe and you’ll be informed on what dates are what.”

The best way to support the club’s goals is just to show up, but you can also donate.

“You can go straight to the sponsor, Mrs. Eager [to donate],” Strong said.

Besides being a club that fundraises for the community and raises awareness, it helps members along the way.

“I’ve learned how to value myself. When you join these organizations about your community or your people specifically, you don’t feel like you want to take anything from it,” Strong said. “If anything, it makes you want to give more towards others.”

Next meeting will be on April 15, B-lunch in Mrs. Eagers class, room 2023.