ACC Social

Gabi Cuellar, Reporter

The Asian Culture Club is a club that focuses on spreading awareness about Asian culture. On Saturday, April 16, the ACC held a social in the Performing Arts Center.

Originally planned to be ‘Asia Night,’ the club took a different approach and planned it as a social.

“We were supposed to have an Asia night, but we had an ACC social instead,” Mark Luo said. “It’s more of a get together for students, a ‘take-a-break,’ but it is a little bit of spread Asian culture for this school.”

The ACC social took about a month of planning and preparing before it was ready to host.

“We started in late March, like spring break and then those following weeks we started planning,” Luo said. “Then we got it together the last week of March and then we started selling tickets.”

The ACC officers took time to plan out activities, foods, and fun such as raffles, water balloon fights, sports and much more for everyone attending to enjoy.

“We had a lot of sports and games, including indoor games, board games, card games, calligraphy drawing,” Joseph Zhang said.

The ACC hopes to spread awareness and information about Asian culture.

“ACC is here at Lake to spread Asian culture,” Luo said. “We hope that people learn more about Asian people in general, and that there’s more awareness.”

ACC takes each week as an opportunity to teach something new about the culture.

“The most interesting part is learning about Asian culture is that we try to do a different Asian country every meeting,” Zhang said. “There’s a lot of Asian activities, like sports that people don’t know about, that we try to teach about.”

Members of ACC want people to know that any and everyone is welcome to join the club.

“Everyone can join, we are open to everyone you don’t have to be Asian,” Zhang said. “You don’t have to be Asian to run for officer either.”

The Asian Culture club meets in Dr. Borrmann’s room biweekly so make sure to stop by!