The Batman Movie Review

Connor Mathis, Reporter

The Batman is a movie that was released to the United States on Dec. 17, 2021. The Batman lived up to its anticipated hype, as it brought in $752.4 Million dollars in the box office.

In the past, Marvel and DC tend to find a format that works for them and exploit it repeatedly, such as Spiderman from Marvel and Batman from DC having tons of different versions of themselves.

I for one was worried that this movie would just be another money grab for Warner Brothers, but this movie really alleviated my fears and truly gave me something new and enjoyable.

Many people try to compare The Batman to other Batman portrayals, but The Batman was its own thing. It created a totally new portrayal of all the characters and events.

Many superhero movies tend to be extremely far-fetched sometimes to the extent of lessening the value of the movie. The Batman however brought the characters to a more realistic light, which I thought did a lot of good for Batman.

The Batman received a score of 86% from the critics and 87% from the audience on Rotten Tomatoes. This is a very solid score, especially with how DC movies have been rated as of lately.

The Batman was filled with talented actors, which is arguably one of the main reasons the movie was so successful. Robert Pattinson proved his doubters wrong who questioned his ability to play Batman as he gave a very strong performance throughout the movie.

Another interesting concept displayed during the movie was what it’s like to see a younger Batman, which the Bale and Keaton Batman’s weren’t. In The Batman, he’s only in his second year of being Batman.

The Batman was a total of two hours and fifty-six minutes but was able to trap my attention for the entirety of the movie.

The Cinematography throughout The Batman was also brilliant. The dark filming style even in lighted rooms was extremely innovative.

All in all, The Batman was a very good movie and worth a watch. It is currently out of theatres and on HBO Max.