22nd Annual Coachella

Marisol Orlina, Reporter

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival first began Oct. 9, 1999. After the disaster of Woodstock 99’, Coachella acted as the occasion to restore people’s faith in the music festival concept.

With headlining bands and singers such as Beck, Rage Against the Machine, and Tool, Coachella 1999 may not have been very profitable, but it was still successful in reinventing the perception of these weekend long music events.

After a short hiatus in 2000, Coachella returned to the stage. This year specifically was the one to contribute most to Coachella’s ever-growing popularity.

Now, Coachella is one of the biggest festivals worldwide, with artists ranging from super stars to underground bands.

This year’s showing began two weeks ago on April 15 with artist Harry Styles headlining the show. Other notable names included Phoebe Bridgers, Baby Keem, and Louis the Child. These performances then repeated the weekend afterwards on April 22.

Next in the schedule came headliner Billie Eilish, with other performances from Girl in Red, Wallows, Conan Gray, Beach Bunny, and Arlo Parks. These artists and many more were out on the stage both April 16 and 23.

Wrapping up both weekends on April 17 and 23, was the headlining duo of Swedish House Mafia and The Weekend. Along with these musicians were other artists including Doja Cat, Joji, Måneskin, FINNEAS, and Fatboy Slim.

Of course, Coachella maintained its distinguished music reputation this year with exciting performances. However, after every annual festival, there’s always more to recognize.

First off, a big part of Coachella Valley Music and Art festival is fashion. Not only do the performers have groundbreaking wardrobes, but so do the attendees.

Coachella is held in the California desert (Indio, California), so guests take inspiration from western styles and hippie vibes. Without a doubt when attending a Coachella weekend, one of the first things you’ll see is a bedazzled cowboy hat and boots.

Other than that, and the constant usage of bandanas to be safe with all the dust flying around, each viewer has their own unique look for the festival.

The outfits that receive the most press however are those worn by celebrities and artists. This past weekend singer Harry Styles sported a rainbow sequin jumpsuit with a low neckline and sleeveless top to show off his tattoo collection. After his show, fans were raving about his wardrobe choice.

“Sorry to all the influencers at Coachella, but this outfit will rule them all,” Vouge reporter Michelle Ruiz said.

It isn’t rare however, for the spectacle of Coachella to come down to single events. Every year is unique; here are some of the smaller, yet notable moments of Coachella 2022.

During Billie Eilish’s performance on April 23, she brought up the lead singer of the band Paramore, Hayley Williams. Together they sang an acoustic duet of Paramore’s hit song “Miser Business.”

A day before, on April 22, Harry Styles also performed an exciting duet with Lizzo. Together, the sequin covered duo sang 80s hits like “I Will Survive” from Gloria Gaynor.

However, some performances were more ceremonial rather than your typical celebration.

This year’s Coachella also marked the last concert hip-hop group Brockhampton would have. To commemorate this event the multiple musicians of Brockhampton each wore a letter jacket with “all good things must come to an end” embroidered on the back.

Other moments sparked in the crowds. Throughout the Coachella weekend, fans were ecstatic to see and meet actor Timothée Chalamet out and about like a regular viewer.

What they say about Coachella is true. Along with all the beauty and art it offers, comes a great deal of celebrity sightings and entertainment.




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