Spreading Cultural Awareness


Gabi Cuellar, Reporter

The purpose of the cultural history club (CHC) is to learn and celebrate different cultures together as a community and spread knowledge by creating posters about other cultures. Wednesday, April 27, the CHC hosted their final meeting of the year in Ms. Toppert’s room for Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) month.

The club held a raffle, provided snacks, had a presentation on AAPI culture, created a poster and had crafts. They also announced officer election results for next year.

“We got around 50 [people] and the presentation went really well,” secretary Emmanuel Torres said. “The officer election went really well, which should turn out really good for next year.”

The planning of the meeting for AAPI month took a lot of time and dedication to put into motion.

“It was probably about a good six hours of planning and then I had to actually get materials so that was kind of another six,” President Isabella Ugalde said.

Even though the event took a lot of time and effort, Ugalde was happy with the turnout at the meeting.

“I’m really happy with the turn out, I thought it was more than I [initially] thought it would be,” Ugalde said. “I was really happy that I could reach that big of an audience.”

Although there are no more meetings for the club this year, members encourage others wanting to attend any and all club events for next year.

“We are currently done with the club, but next year we will have meetings, and we would like to see you there at the meetings,” Ugalde said.

Current secretary Emmanuel Torres hopes that the club will continue to grow and create more community in the future.

“Hopefully there’s more members and people helping out,” Torres said. “I hope one day when all the clubs are going to unite together to make a big event probably to like sell food and celebrating each other’s cultures.”

Club members encourage everyone to join if interested, either as a member or to run as an officer.

“Join [CHC,] you get social interaction with people, you learn about different people, their backgrounds and cultures as well,” Torres said.  “For officers’ responsibility is key, you need that and just helping out each other and making sure that everyone has their things done.”

The club was started at the beginning of this school year and will continue into next. The CHC can be a great way to socialize with others and expand your knowledge in other cultures as well as having fun.