Cinco De Mayo

Audrey Perez, Reporter

Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican tradition where people like to eat Mexican food and enjoy time with the people that make them happiest.

Cinco de Mayo is often mistaken for something that it isn’t.

Cinco de Mayo is often said to be a Mexican Independence Day, but it is a celebration which
commemorates the day that Mexico’s victory over French empire at the Battle of Puebla. Mexico’s Independence Day is Sep. 16 which is celebrating Mexico’s independence being won from Spain in 1810.

The battle of a small, poorly and not well-equipped side (Mexico) and a richer, highly equipped force was a confidence boost for Mexico since they had many disadvantages.

The Cinco de Mayo celebrations started in California where they have been celebrated since 1863. Other places in the world started celebrating the holiday in the 1980’s.

June 7, 2005, United States congress issues a calling on the president of the U.S. to issue a proclamation informing people of the U.S. to observe the holiday with the appropriate ceremonies and activities.

To celebrate this holiday many banners are displayed and people enjoy Mexican food.

Schools also help celebrate this holiday with their students by displaying many things that represent Mexican culture and displaying banners.

When news was announced that the Mexican army had won, Mexican miners were in so much joy they fired off rifle shots and fireworks. The miners also sang patriotic songs and said speeches.

A study in 1998 reported that more than 120 celebrations of Cinco de Mayo across the span of 21 different states. The report was then updated in 2006 to know 150 or more events of Cinco de Mayo.

One of the biggest Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the world has been Los Angles Fiesta Broadway which attracted more than 500,000 people. Many people say that it was at its peak in the 1990s.

Fiesta Broadway takes place in downtown Los Angeles, and it has many things like vendors and musical acts.

When Fiesta Broadway was at its peak it stretched for 36 blocks and attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors. Now though it only stretches a few blocks from first street and Broadway and now only attracts around 7,000 people.



Cinco De Mayo