An Absolutely True Story (As Told By a Bunch of Lying Liars)

Fabiha Arefeen, Student Writer

This past weekend, theatre performed a comedy show entitled An Absolutely True Story as Told by a Bunch of Lying Liars. It was about a precious vase being broken, and the mystery throughout the show revolved around who actually did it.  

It was difficult to tell as each character narrated their part of the story with obvious biases to save themselves. The main suspects were Kelly and Fred, two high schoolers who were siblings and the vase belonged to their father.  

The vase was a family heirloom that derived from their dad’s grandfather who fought in WWII and bought this vase in order to be reminded that the horrific times spent in war can still be signified with beauty. Therefore, it was inherited down upon generations, honoring Kelly and Fred’s great-grandfather.  

Fred blamed it on Kelly by saying she was singing off-key musicals and she yelled at their dog Marlan, who happened to run into the vase. Contrarily, Kelly accused Fred of pushing Marlan, who broke the vase.  

Both of their stories had a similarity of accusing the dog that can’t really justify itself. There were more plotlines that intrigued the audience to be more confused and mysterious. The whole show, their parents were in a dilemma figuring out what really happened, only to find out their dog turning into half-man and revealing the truth that they both broke the vase together and blamed it on the dog in order to cover their tracks.  

This was the theatre’s first show of the year and will be one of many.