Student of the Week: Annalee Haas


Kylie McKinney, Reporter

For the past several years, CCISD has held a very significant organization: the Special Olympics. The Special Olympics is an event where children all over the district who have disabilities can obtain the opportunity to participate in different Olympic-style sporting events such as Swim, Track, and Basketball. However, this year was all the more special due to Annalee Haas, a senior who made Lake proud by participating.

Annalee Haas was recently highlighted on the CCISD Facebook page for putting forth her hard work and determination during the special Olympics. This year, Haas had been preparing for swim.

“I’ve been in the special Olympics for a very long time and it’s really fun,” Haas said. “I’m doing swim this year but still am not sure of the date or time regarding the tournament.”

Haas is a senior this year and claims she has been given a lot of opportunities from not just the Special Olympics, but the school in general.

“I like being a Falcon because I can do things I enjoy while learning educational things,” Haas said.

Annalee has many hobbies she likes to participate in at school, especially dance. She claims that she loves the freedom she has to be her true self.

“I get to do dance, floral design, and whatever activities I love to do,” Haas said.

Being a senior this year, Annalee reflected on some of her favorite memories throughout her high school journey.

“My favorite memory is probably having my teachers help me when I need it,” Haas said.

Many of the teachers here at lake claim that Annalee is an extremely bright and talented girl who loves to spread her kindness with the community.

“Annalee is sunshine and rainbows,” Mrs. Powers said. “She is the epitome of pure joy.”

Although her personality traits show who she is as a person, Coach Shriver claims Annalee’s smile is always present no matter what.

“She is always optimistic and always has a smile on her face,” Shriver said.

Annalee is a light in the school and her happiness and positivity seems to never be interrupted.