ICC Opening the Year

Gabi Cuellar, Reporter

It’s the start of a new year, which means the ignition of new clubs and reignition of ones already here. One of those returning clubs happens to be the Indian Culture Club, or ICC. The club closed off the 2021-2022 school year with their annual Indian Night. On Tuesday, Aug. 30, they had their first meeting of the this school year in room 3091.

This year, ICC has new class officers to show for a fresh start. This year the ICC officers are as follows: president Rifa Momin, vice president Divya Valipe, secretary Nithila Sathiya, treasurer Kareena Antony, historians Humza Lattheef and Ibrahiem Maudood, and public relations Ronnit Jain.

Their first meeting was Tuesday and they had many new and old members alike show up.

“The first meeting we had an amazing turnout with about 100 people,” Jain said.

The first ICC meeting of the year consisted of getting acquainted with everyone and learning more about ICC.

At their meeting the club played a Kahoot as a fun way to spread information about the club.

“The first meeting was basically about introducing what ICC was, and they brought samosas! It was very fun,” returning club member Varun Balaji said.

Club meetings have no shortage of good food or good company.

“At club meetings we eat Indian food and talk about interesting parts of Indian Culture such as holidays, food, events, and celebrations,” Jain said.

The club has been around the school since about 2015. Over the years they have been working to spread cultural awareness at their meetings, while making sure that everyone has a good time as well.

“I think it’s important to have this club to celebrate the Indian culture and heritage because well it’s really interesting,” Balaji said.

This year they will be planning to join forces again with the Asian Culture Club (ACC) in order to create a great and memorable social for members of both groups.

“They (ICC) were planning to do another ICC and ACC social, planning to do some other really cool stuff,” Balaji said.

Along with the ICC/ ACC social, ICC has other big events planned for the year, one being their annual India Night.

“We are doing Holi celebration, a joint ACC/ICC culture celebration at a park, and our largest event, India Night,” Jain said.

This year they are hoping to accomplish spreading awareness about their club and raise more money to fund it.

“I am hoping to spread the word of Indian Culture Club to let people know what it’s about, along with raising large sums of money throughout the year for our end of the year India Night Celebration,” Jain said.

The ICC next planned meeting is in October, but the exact day is still to be determined.

If anyone is interested in joining ICC, they have a link in their Instagram account (@clhsicc) bio to sign up and join their remind.