Staff Spotlight of the Week: Mr. Webb

Staff Spotlight of the Week: Mr. Webb

Audrey Perez, Reporter

Lake is a very welcoming environment and adds new staff members every year. One staff member
added this year as associate principal was Mr. Webb.

“This is actually my third time trying to get to Clear Lake High School,” Mr. Webb said. “I tried two
different times as a teaching position.”

Clear Lake was a school Mr. Webb had wanted to work at for many years. There are many things that
drew Mr. Webb to Clear Lake.

One of the reasons he wanted to work here was because of the academic levels that Clear Lake has to
offer, as the school is in the top 20% of test scores in Texas.

“The academic expectations here are second to nobody in this district,” Mr. Webb said.

Mr. Webb wanted to be in a school environment where students would be pushed and challenged,
Where students would reach potential they didn’t know they could reach beforehand.

Another important reason he wanted to work here was because the family feeling here at Lake was like
no other.

“Every campus has a family feel, a community feel to it,” Mr. Webb said. “What I am finding here is that
this community is very tight knit.”

Across the state of Texas there is a typically there is a 25- 30% staff turnover rate. Clear Lake has less
than 10%. Mr. Webb believes that this is because when come people here they don’t want to leave.

“They know they are in a good place, they are supported by both the community and the families around them, and they don’t want to leave here when they establish that feeling,” Mr. Webb said.

Mr. Webb works as an associate principal at Clear Lake. As an associate principal, he provides leadership and guidance for the school and its students.

As you get a job there is always something that you will like most about your job.

“I really enjoy taking people’s visions, and trying to make them a reality,” Mr. Webb said.

A big part of his job is telling people no, but then people must try to convince him to say yes to their ideas. Although Mr. Webb loves his job, like anyone with a job there is always something that you would rather do.

“I saw something the other day that Tyson was hiring a food taster and I think that would be pretty cool,” Mr. Webb said.

Mr. Webb has been such an amazing staff member this year so far, and we cannot wait to see what he does through the rest of the school year.