CLHS Teacher of the Month: Mr. Castellon


Alex Fabian Garcia, Reporter

Every month, the school choses a teacher of the month. This month, Mr. Castellon had the great opportunity of being chosen as the teacher of the month.

Mr. Castellon is grateful for this opportunity and recognition.

“I feel privileged to receive this recognition from my peers and especially the students,” Mr. Castellon said. “It feels so rewarding being validated and appreciated. We have an exceptional group of educators and staff that I admire, so I feel honored to be the one that was chosen for teacher of the month.

A reason why he became a teacher is because he wanted to be involved in a profession that helped others.

“To me, education is the most valuable thing in the world.” Mr. Castellon said. “Having the opportunity to instill knowledge and values to others and help shape and mold the minds of the next generation is the most important thing I could do.”

A goal for Mr. Castellon is to make his students feel seen and cared for.

“So many of our students struggle with different things, so I just hope I’m able to create a classroom environment where they feel safe and supported,” Mr. Castellon said. “I hope I’m able to encourage students to reach their full potential and create ripples that will last a lifetime.”

Mr. Castellon’s favorite thing about teaching is building relationships with staff and students.

“So many students and staff here have helped me grow as an educator and a person,” Mr. Castellon said. “I enjoy meeting new students and getting to know them and seeing them reach new heights throughout their years here at Lake.”

Mr. Castellon graduated from Dobie High School.

“I also won “best smile” in my homeroom; Dobie can attest to this,” Mr. Castellon said.

If he wasn’t a teacher, he has a fun list of other things he would want to be.

“If I wasn’t a teacher, I would probably be a stay-at-home husband, professional podcaster, tattoo artist, or something that did not involve meeting deadlines,” Mr. Castellon said. “Unfortunately, I don’t have a wife, know how to draw, or have the time to sit and talk to friends all day.”

At school he always excelled in English which helped guide him towards being an English teacher.

“My favorite subject in school was English because I was naturally good at it and always excelled in it.” Mr. Castellon said. “I was terrible at math and struggled with this subject since I was in elementary.”

An advice he would give to becoming a teacher would be patience is the key.

“Every day will be a learning experience; you must have patience and know that everything will not be perfect. Teaching is a collaborative effort, so don’t be afraid to ask for help,” Mr. Castellon said. “You will learn from your colleagues as well as your students. You are constantly growing in this field, so focus on growth not perfection.”

Mr. Castellon is a beloved teacher at this school that everyone around appreciates. Thank you, Mr. Castellon.