The Freshman Football Team is Unstoppable


Wyatt Young, Reporter

Yesterday the freshman football team took a big win against south Houston leading 42-6.

We saw some bench players finally get to play such as Skyler Tipton, the only female player in Falcon football.

The South Houston Trojans got the first touchdown on a kickoff return. They went for a two-point conversion and were unsuccessful. After the failed attempt the Trojans kicked off, on the kickoff return the falcons scored a touchdown uncontested.

The Falcons went for the one-point attempt and led 7-6. Towards the end of the game, South Houston let the Falcons get the kickoff return on their kickoff! In one of those turnovers, the Falcons scored a touchdown.

Wide receiver Kyson Eldridge had great catches and yard gainings with over 20 yards. While running he hit hard and stiff-armed players twice the size of him! The freshman was being extra physical in their running plays.

Grey Wilson, the kick returner for the freshmen, gained 60+ yards in kick returns even getting close to a touchdown.

This trend in how the Falcons are playing may lead them to a great season and potentially be undefeated. So far the freshman falcons have a 3-0 streak as opposed to the 2-1 led by both other teams.

“Our freshmen are doing great and we will continue to train well,” Coach McRae said.

As at most practices, there is an increase in passing drills and kick return drills and that practice is paying off. Next week we will be playing against a different out-of-district team. We are hoping for another sweep as the Falcons did to the South Houston Trojans.

We hope to see you at the next game!