Senior Sunrise

Zada Sowells, Reporter

Lake welcomes a new senior tradition this year: the senior sunrise.  On Sept. 6 seniors met on the football field to watch the sunrise to start their senior year three weeks after the school year started because of weather complications.

According to senior class president Rifa Momin and vice president Maddy Supan, the hardest part of planning the senior sunrise was the weather and planning it around other activities that were already happening during the week of the sunrise.

The senior sunrise symbolizes the start of the senior’s last year of high school, while the sunset symbolizes the end of their academic years here at Clear Lake.

“The whole goal is to do the sunrise at the beginning of the year and the sunset at the end of the year,” Supan said.

It’s a way to bring all of the graduating class together for their final first day and their final last day of high school before they start their college years or whatever else they chose to do.

They started this new tradition because they felt in past years, especially after covid, seniors haven’t really been able to embrace senior traditions. They want to bring some of those tradition back.

They are hoping with these new traditions, seniors will get to fully embrace the senior experience that seniors prior have.

“I think the past few years the past seniors haven’t been able to embrace senior tradition, we want to get back on that with our year,” Momin said.

The officers are hoping that by introducing this exciting senior tradition it will become a longstanding tradition and make senior year better for the current senior class and upcoming classes.