Freshman Officer Elections

Diana Perez, Reporter

With a new wave of fish added to our Lake, important decision-making and responsibility follows. Elections for the class of 2026 are here and people are campaigning for support. 

There are five officer positions that people are aiming for; treasurer, historian, secretary, vice president and most coveted of all, president. 

Class officers play important roles in making decisions for their class. 

While the sponsor guides them, they are ultimately the ones allocating funds and overseeing all aspects of class fundraisers and events,” assistant principal and advisor of the 2026 class, Ms. Williams said. “The level of engagement of the officers and their ability to lead their class determines the success of senior year events.” 

It’s 2022 and social media has proved to be a new and popular way of campaigning for the candidates. Several freshmen in the running for officer positions have posted on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. In addition, to add some flair, the candidates accessorize their posts with images of other students with poster cut-outs, glasses or other items that represent their campaign. 

“I went around and took pictures of people wearing sunglasses that said vote Ella,” freshman and secretary candidate, Ella Haas said.  “In their minds, [the post] makes them go like, oh that’s the girl I took a picture in her sunglasses! I’m going to vote for her!” 

Campaigning is crucial to helping the freshmen voting body make the most informed decision about who will be representing their class, and is even entertaining with the many clever aspects. 

“I’ve also seen posters with interactive content such as a Spotify song,” Ms. Williams said. “The posters that the candidates have made are super creative.” 

Candidates find their drive from wanting to be a part of the school and improve it at large. As well as a belief that they have the skills needed to make the class of 2026 thrive. 

“I think that you need someone good to build it up freshman year so that when we get to senior year, we’re having the best possible experience,” freshman and president candidate Lauren Lowe said. 

This Tuesday the election will be held during advisory. It’s an eventful time for the class of 2026, not only with the introduction of their class officers, but official beginnings of their class’s trek towards senior year already starting three years in advance.  

All officer position contenders are as follows:  

Presidential candidates: 

  • Daniel Vassiliev 
  • Keelin Monk 
  • James Gonzalez 
  • Alessandro Brito 
  • Lauren Lowe 

Vice President candidates: 

  • Jaxson Corley 
  • Chloe Luo 
  • Parker Andrews 

Treasurer candidates: 

  • Riya Dabi 
  • Karina Zaharieva 
  • Jithnuka Kariyawasam

Secretary candidates: 

  • Ella Haas 

Historian candidates: 

  • Ian Reustle 
  • Isabella Sanchez 
  • Kiley Miller 
  • Hannah Zhou